Casa Blanca Bridal

Adam & Meghan Lewis May 24, 2014
CB Couture style #B075

Lauren and Cory Popp 3
Cory & Lauren Popp June 8, 2013
Casablanca Bridal style #1900

Casablanca Bridal style #2104

Casablanca Bridal style #2075

Casablanca Bridal style #2090

Mel and Justin WeddingMel and Justin Wedding dress
Casablanca Bridal style #2105

Casablanca Bridal style #1975

Ashlie Zussman Dulien 2
Casablanca Bridal style #2066
Ashlie Zussman Dulien - Married November 16, 2013

Casablanca Bridal style #2077
Ashley LeBlanc- Married August 31, 2013

Dear Casablanca Bridal,
Casablanca Bridal's customer service is amazing! I had only a few months to plan my wedding since my now husband had military time restraints. The only thing I ever daydreamed about in regards to my wedding was the perfect dress. I wanted something sophisticated yet sexy and was worried with only a few months to pull this off I would have to compromise. I tried on 20 dresses when the consultant pulled out the Casablanca 1975. At first glance I said it's beautiful but not my style. She asked me to trust her so I put it on and it fit like a dream! The quality, construction and color was amazing! The consultant worked with Casablanca and got my wedding dress here in time for my perfect wedding!
Casablanca Bridal style #1975
April Cook Ellis - Married May 4, 2013

Dear Casablanca Bridal,
When I first saw this dress in person I fell in love with it! It had so much detailing and gorgeous Swarovski Crystals all over it. It was exactly what I had been looking for. I felt so beautiful and fabulous in this dress! When I walked down the aisle on my wedding day in this dress it was the best feeling. Thank you for making such a beautiful dress! I will forever cherish it.
Casablanca Bridal style #1990

Dear Casablanca  Bridal,
Growing up I did not have my entire wedding already planned, but I did always know that I wanted a beautiful lace, trumpet-style dress.  I was ecstatic when I found THE ONE in your fall collection.  The quality of the dress is unsurpassed by others and I loved knowing the dress was made to fit ME.  Thank you for helping me feel amazing and special on my wedding day.  I just wish I could wear it again!
Thank you,
Casablanca Bridal style #1914
Poppy Poth - Married November 14, 2009

Dear Casablanca Bridal,
When I was picturing my dream wedding dress, I knew I wanted simplicity, but also a WOW! factor. This dress definitely has a WOW! factor. It incorporated style with elegance. Also, it hugs curves in all the right places. When my husband saw me he was balling his eyes out. Lastly, the price for such a beautiful dress was amazing. I paid half the cost of what my friends paid for their dresses, and it looks just as amazing as theirs. Thank you Casablanca for making wedding dresses fabulous and affordable!
Casablanca Bridal style #1985
Sabrina Swinney

Dear Casablanca Bridal,
As a petite person, I was excited to learn that my Casablanca dress would be made just for me - I was able to order a custom size and a custom length!  On my wedding day, it fit perfectly!  It was so comfortable and easy to move around in.  I felt fabulous!
Thank you for making great dresses at great prices!
Casablanca Bridal style #1827
Lauren McKay - Married August 2, 2008

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