Casa Blanca Bridal


Buying your Wedding Gown on the Internet


The internet is a fantastic source to shop and get ideas for your wedding day.  A bridal gown is a complicated and special purchase, so getting all the information you can to make your selection is encouraged and to be expected.  It is important to shop extensively at boutiques and salons in your area and it is important to research gowns on the Internet as well.  However, Casablanca Bridal urges caution in deciding to purchase your dream gown over the internet.  Our experience has shown that there are a number of real risks you take by trusting such an important purchase to an internet supplier.

Far too often, the pitfalls of purchasing a wedding gown from an unseen supplier via the Internet far outweigh any expected savings.  Over the years we have personally seen a number of bargin-minded brides end up broken-hearted because they chose to risk their special gown purchase to an internet discounter.  DON'T BE ONE OF THEM!  Below are a few of the complaints we have received over the years from disappointed brides who regret not making their gown purchase from a local full-service bridal salon supported by the gown's manufacturer:

  • RECEIVED A COPY rather than an authentic Casablanca Bridal style.

  • Were shipped an INCORRECT STYLE or COLOR.

  • WRONG SIZES or poorly fitting gowns shipped to brides with no way of getting them altered.

  • USED BRIDAL GOWNS being sold as new.

  • Brides have little or no recourse if the gown is DELIVERED DAMAGED.

  • NO ALTERATIONS readily available; Casablanca Bridal's Authorized Retailers hire QUALIFIED seamstresses.

  • Inability to have the gown PROFESSIONALLY PRESSED.

  • Web-based retailers can go OUT OF BUSINESS before the garment is delivered.

  • Casablanca Bridal only supports AUTHORIZED RETAILERS,  we cannot service gowns bought from non-authorized retailers.

Casablanca Bridal encourages you to buy ONLY from Authorized Casablanca Bridal Retailers.  As we are a manufacturer, we DO NOT SELL DIRECTLY to the public.  For your protection, please look for our “Authorized Casablanca Retailer” seal in your local bridal retailer’s store window or visit the RETAILERS section on this website to find an Authorized Casablanca Retailer near you.
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