Casa Blanca Bridal


Here is a recommended timeline for your perfect Casablanca Bridal gown:

9-12 Months before your Wedding (Shop)

  • Look through our website filled with hundreds of images of our complete bridal collection.  We are confident we will have something special just for you.  Find the styles you are interested in and write down the style numbers.

  • Please look at our RETAILER section for a Casablanca Bridal Authorized Retailer near you.  We recommend buying a Casablanca Bridal gown through a Casablanca Bridal Authorized Retailer in your area.  There are a number of reasons  we do not recommend purchasing your wedding gown from an online supplier.  Please visit  the INTERNET section of our website for more information on why a full service bridal salon is the best way to purchase you dream gown.

  • Determine the overall budget for your wedding gown.  Be sure to include accessories and alterations in your budget.

 6-8 Months before your Wedding (Buy)

  • Book appointments with your local Casablanca Bridal Authorized Retailer.  Be sure to tell your retailer what Casablanca Bridal styles you would like to try on.

  • When going to your appointment, please be sure to take with you undergarments and shoes with the same heel height you plan to wear on your wedding day.

  • Once you have decided which retailer you would like to purchase your gown from,  narrow down your dress style choices and order your gown.

 4-5 Months before your Wedding (Follow-up)

  • Check with your Casablanca Bridal Authorized Retailer to confirm the delivery date of your wedding gown.

  • Schedule your first fitting for alterations that may be needed on your gown.

  • Shop for all accessories, including shoes, jewelry and anything else you will need for your special day.

 6-8 Weeks before your Wedding (Your Gown Arrives)

  • Have your first fitting.

  • Check to make sure your gown arrived in perfect condition.   Casablanca Bridal gowns are well known for their great fit and comfort, but even so, some adjustments may be needed when the gown is tried on for the first time.  Your Authorized Casablanca Bridal Retailer is trained to make sure the gown fits as you expect, and if not, will be expertly altered.

 4-5 Weeks before your Wedding (Final Fitting)

  • Have your second fitting, make sure that you take your wedding day shoes and undergarments.

  • Be sure to have your gown and veil pressed professionally.

  • During later fitting appointments, take your Maid of Honor to learn about your gown.  She will need to know how to help you get into the gown as well as how to bustle it for the reception. Casablanca Bridal gowns have a built in bustle for this purpose.

 2-3 Weeks before your Wedding (Pick up your Gown)

  • Schedule a date and time to have your gown picked up from the salon.

  • Place your gown in a safe and clean environment away from direct sunlight and pets.

 On your Wedding Day

  • Relax and enjoy your special day!

 After your Wedding Day

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