Casa Blanca Bridal

Q.  What is the price of a gown?
A.  We suggest you check the "Retailers" section on our website to find an Authorized Retailer in your area.  A Casablanca Bridal Authorized Retailer will be happy to assist you.

Q.  Can I buy a Casablanca dress directly through you?
A.  Casablanca Bridal is a bridal manufacturer and wholesaler.  We do not sell directly to the public.  Please check our "Retailers" page for a local Authorized Casablanca Bridal Retailer in your area.

Q.  Do you make gowns for petite or plus sizes?
A.  Casablanca Bridal produces gowns for all sizes.  We are known for our custom fit.  Our Authorized Retailers are trained to personalize each fitting in order to ensure you receive the perfect gown for you. 

Q.  I like a Casablanca Bridal gown, but I would like to change the neckline and add sleeves.  Is that possible?
A.  Yes,  Casablanca Bridal owns and operates its own state-of-the-art factory, and is able to customize your gown to your particular preference.   Our unique ability to customize our styles gives brides a chance to design a one-of-a-kind creation.

Q.  If I can’t find the gown I am looking for, how can I see it?
A.  Visit the Retailers section of our website to find an Authorized Retailer in your area.  If they do not have that particular gown in their collection, we will be happy to ship it to them.

Q.  What if the store I’m buying my Casablanca Bridal gown from is not listed on your store locator as an Authorized Retailer?
A.  If the store is not listed on our website as an Authorized Retailer,OR if you do not see a Casablanca Bridal Authorized Retailer seal in their store window, they are NOT a legitimate retailer of Casablanca Bridal gowns.  To avoid any disappointment, we strongly recommend  that your once-in-a-lifetime gown be ordered through an Authorized Retailer, so Casablanca Bridal can support your purchase.  Caution MUST be used when dealing with any unauthorized retailer. Please check our Retailers section first and avoid heartache later.

Q.  Can you send me a catalog?
A.  Catalogs are available only to our Casablanca Bridal Authorized Retailers.  Please visit our Retailers Section to find a retailer in your area.  Also, all of our gowns can be viewed on our website.

Q.  Can you e-mail me a picture of a particular style?
A.  Please visit our website in order to view all of our gowns.  We do not e-mail or mail pictures of our gowns.

Q.  Can I be put on your mailing list?
A.  We are sorry but we do not have a mailing list for brides.  We suggest you contact your local Authorized Retailer.  They will be happy to keep you informed on new Casablanca Bridal styles.

Q.  Can you provide me with shipping information on my gown?
A.  All inquiries concerning the shipping of your specially-ordered gown must be directed to the Casablanca Bridal Authorized Retailer.  We are a bridal gown manufacturer and wholesaler working solely with our Authorized Retailers.

Q.  How do I know what size to order?
A.  When you place your order with an Authorized Casablanca Bridal Retailer, they will take your exact measurements and assist you in selecting the correct size gown for you.  Our experienced retailers are trained to provide you with the best fit.  They also will be able to advise you on custom changes.

Q.   How long must I wait to receive my dress from Casablanca?
A.  Delivery time will vary depending on each particular style and custom changes.  Our Authorized Retailers will be happy to keep you advised on all the details of your purchase

Q.  My girlfriend bought a gown online and was very disappointed.  How can I avoid this same disaster?
A.  Casablanca Bridal does not recommend making this very important purchase via the Internet.  We have received numerous horror stories relating to this practice.  We strongly encourage you to check our website for an Authorized Casablanca Bridal Retailer in your area.

Q.  My wedding is two years away.  How can I find out if a style will be discontinued?
A.  Casablanca Bridal NEVER discontinues any of its styles.  This is unique in our industry as most manufacturers do discontinue different styles in their lines as time passes.  For the most current styles in our collection, we suggest you check our website, and if you fall in love with a style in one of our previous collections we will be happy to make it especially for you.

Q.  How do I know what shade of ivory I will get?
A.  When you visit an Authorized Retailer in your area, they will be able to show you various styles in all available colors.

Q.  My wedding is canceled.  Can I return the gown and get my money back?
A.   We suggest you refer to your Sales Contract Agreement or contact the Retailer you bought the gown from.  Casablanca Bridal is a bridal gown wholesaler and cannot refund or exchange any gown bought from a retailer. 

For any other questions regarding Casablanca Bridal, we suggest you contact your nearest Authorized Retailer.  They will be happy to assist you with any information or inquiries regarding your wedding gown.
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